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India's Electronics Industry Attracts Global Giants like Apple and Google

Published: 3.5.2024

India's electronics sector is drawing global giants like Apple and Google to set up production in the country. With India's large tech-savvy population offering a strong domestic market and trade tensions between the US and China pushing companies to diversify their production bases, India is seen as a stable alternative.

The Indian government's Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme is enticing electronics manufacturers with financial and infrastructure support. The Tata Group is reportedly gearing up to manufacture Apple iPhones in India, moving away from China-centric production while Google is also expected to start producing Pixel 8 Pro in India soon.

These developments signal a shift in the global electronics supply chain. They are expected to create jobs in India's manufacturing sector and boost the economy.

The technology transfer from these global companies can help India develop its electronics manufacturing capabilities, leading to technological advancement. Moreover, the domestic electronics industry could reduce India's reliance on imported electronics, potentially lowering prices for consumers.

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