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Infineon and ETAS Collaborate to Enhance Security for Next-Generation AURIX™ Microcontrollers

Published: 6.5.2024

Infineon Technologies AG has partnered with ETAS to integrate the ESCRYPT CycurHSM 3.x Automotive Security Software Stack into the AURIX™ TC4X Cybersecurity Real-time Module (CSRM). This collaboration addresses the rising demand for secure, high-performance hardware solutions essential for the evolution of software-defined vehicles.

Meeting Modern Automotive Needs

As the automotive industry shifts towards software-defined vehicles and new electrical/electronic (E/E) architectures, robust cybersecurity measures becomes paramount. The integration of ESCRYPT CycurHSM with Infineon's AURIX TC4X microcontroller family exemplifies a forward-thinking approach to meeting these demands.

“One of the strengths of our AURIX offering is the deep level of integration of our partners’ software solutions,” said Thomas Schneid, Senior Director Software, Partnership and Ecosystem Management at Infineon Technologies. “We are therefore delighted to deepen our partnership with ETAS even further to advance the development of software-defined vehicles”.

Enhanced Security and Performance

The AURIX TC4X family is fully compliant with the latest ISO/SAE 21434 cybersecurity standard. It features a Cybersecurity Real-time Module (CSRM) with dedicated memory and a Cybersecurity Satellite (CSS) that includes accelerators for cryptographic services, significantly enhancing throughput when paired with ESCRYPT CycurHSM 3.x. This setup eliminates performance bottlenecks and supports post-quantum cryptography, ensuring the microcontrollers are prepared for future security challenges.

A notable feature of the new solution is its support for virtualization, allowing the configuration of multiple virtual instances. This enables several applications to run concurrently, with flexible boot-up sequences and independent dynamic updates for each instance. The granular access control and assignment of individual ASIL levels to different security applications further enhance the system’s flexibility and robustness.

Market Availability

The first device of the new Infineon TC4X series, already secured with ESCRYPT CycurHSM 3.x, marks the beginning of this enhanced cybersecurity era. The hardware compatibility of CSRM and CSS ensures a smooth transition for ESCRYPT CycurHSM 3.x to other derivatives of the TC4X family, based on market demands and device availability.

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