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Malaysia Unveils National Nuclear Technology Policy 2030 to Foster Socio-Economic Growth

Published: 9.21.2023

Malaysia Unveils National Nuclear Technology Policy 2030 for Socio-Economic Growth Chang Lih Kang, Malaysia’s Minister of Science, Technology, and Innovation introduced the National Nuclear Technology Policy 2030 (DTNN 2030) to optimize nuclear technology for the nation's peaceful socio-economic advancement. This policy delineates strategic areas, strategies, and targets, highlighting sustainability and the seamless integration of nuclear technology within Malaysia.

DTNN 2030 focuses on six sectors for nuclear technology enhancement: healthcare, agriculture, manufacturing, environmental management, industry, and safety. The objective is to increase nuclear technology utilization by 40% in these sectors, aligning with Malaysia's developmental goals.

Minister Chang expressed optimism that DTNN 2030 would contribute significantly to achieving Malaysia's target of RM2.4 billion in nuclear technology investment value by 2030. He also announced the formation of a dedicated committee to ensure Malaysia's nuclear technology utilization is on par with that of other developed nations, showcasing the country's commitment to responsible and progressive nuclear technology integration.

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