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Vietnam Strengthens Electronics Industry with Semiconductor Partnership from China and India

Published: 12.15.2023

Vietnam is fortifying its electronics industry through a landmark partnership with Chinese and Indian collaborators. The China-India-Vietnam Electronics and Telecommunication Enterprise Association (CMA), together with the Hanoi Association of Electronic Industries (HANSIBA) and N&G Group Corporation, formalized an investment agreement during the 5th Annual Vietnam-China-India Electronics and Mobile Phone Industry Conference.

This strategic collaboration is geared towards advancing the production and business of semiconductor chips, motherboards, and precision mechanical components. The focus is on enhancing Vietnam's electronics, mobile phone, and automation technology sectors, to establish a robust and sustainable supply chain.

Before the signing ceremony, detailed discussions between HANSIBA, N&G Group, and CMA took place, providing insights into each party's production and business landscapes. The discussions outlined specific collaboration directions, emphasizing joint efforts in the development, investment, production, and business of semiconductor chips, motherboards, and precision mechanical components. The goal is to contribute significantly to developing a comprehensive supply chain for Vietnam's growing electronics industry, such as electronics, aerospace, maritime economics, agriculture, and civil products.

 The collaborative effort extends to training high-tech labor, management operations, and technology transfer, catering specifically to the semiconductor chip industry, and more broadly, the electronics sector. Mr. Nguyen Hoang, Chairman of HANSIBA and Co-Chairman of N&G Group affirmed N&G Group's commitment to providing modern, high-quality infrastructure across key industrial zones in Northern, Central, and Southern Vietnam, supporting this ambitious collaboration.

 N&G Group's infrastructure commitment aligns with the criteria of a complete industrial ecosystem, encompassing residences for workers and experts, healthcare centers, commercial-service-sports-cultural centers, schools, and high-tech vocational training centers. This comprehensive approach is geared towards meeting the sustainable development goals outlined by the United Nations.

In addition to infrastructure support, N&G Group is offering various investment incentives, favorable land and workshop rental prices, expedited one-stop support services, and a comprehensive strategy for training a high-quality labor force. These initiatives aim to attract investment, research and development projects, and the production of high-tech products from China and other international regions.

During the exchange session, Mr. Yang Shu Cheng, Chairman of CMA, highlighted CMA's reputation as an association supporting Chinese enterprises in international investments. CMA has organized various training courses, published logistics, law, finance, taxes, and customs documents, and conducted numerous investment survey delegations. The association has actively chosen to invest in Vietnam and other global locations.

Mr. Yang Shu Cheng emphasized that CMA member companies possess extensive experience and capabilities, particularly in manufacturing high-tech products like semiconductor chips and supporting industries such as semiconductor components, electronic devices, electrical equipment, food and biology, and automation in China and internationally.

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