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Astec Creating Powerful Solutions – Active Components

AstecAstec Power, a wholly owned subsidiary of Emerson, is a leading manufacturer of standard, modified standard, and custom AC/DC and DC/DC power supplies from 1 watt to 6 kilowatts. For AC to DC conversion Arrow supplies the following Astec products: front-end power supplies and low-, mid-, and high-power switchers. For DC-to-DC converters, find brick, power modules, and Point of Load (POL) products, please contact us. We also provide Astec external power supplies for AC to DC and AC to AC conversion: wall mount and desktop.

Astec Power, and Artesyn brands have been combined under the name Artesyn Embedded Technologies. Astec and Artesyn power conversion products use highly innovative technology and design techniques to deliver market-leading performance and value. The products are used for diverse applications across a wide variety of industries, including telecommunications, networking, computing, office systems, medical, process control, test and instrumentation.

Artesyn’s Embedded Power business is one of the world’s largest and most successful power supply companies and embraces the well-known Astec brand. The company’s extensive standard AC-DC product portfolio covers a power range of 3 watts to 24 kilowatts and includes open-frame and enclosed models, highly configurable modular power supplies, rack-mounting bulk front end units, DIN rail power supplies, external power adapters and power supplies for LED lighting. Many of these products are available in medically approved versions and a large number of the higher power models feature extensive built-in intelligence.


  • Power Supplies
    • AC ⁄ DC
      • Low-Power Switchers (< 400 W)
      • Mid-Power Switchers (400W – 1200 W)
      • High-Power Switchers (>1200 W)
      • Bulk Front End
      • Din Rail
      • External Wall Mount
      • External Desktop
    • DC ⁄ DC
      • Bricks
      • Point of Load






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