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ETAL group is a manufacturer of magnetic components for the automotive, telecom, defense, and power technology industries. Specifically, ETAL develops and manufactures electronic transformers and inductors to an international market. ETAL also operates the Anaview brand, which develops and manufactures Class-D audio amplifiers.

Standard Products

Laminated and Ferrite Line Matching Transformers

ISDN and xDSL Components

High Impedance Pick-Off Transformers

Current Sense Transformers


Powerline Carrier Transformers

Power Inductors

RF, Moulded, and Common Mode inductors

Custom Products

ETAL also manufactures high-end custom designs and products for customer-specific requirements. These products are not only cost-effective but environmentally friendly as well. The range of the products goes as follows:

    • Signal Transformers
    • Common Mode Chokes
    • LAN & xDSL Modules
    • Power Transformers and Inductors
    • Power Filter Inductors
    • Planar Transformers, Inductors and Modules
    • Can Bus Chokes


ETAL also manufactures precision products for defense industries. With their application-specific designs, ETAL also manufactures for offshore applications. Their magnetic components are recognized for highly reliable capabilities and high-tensile strength.

Audio Transformers

With the ETAL team’s combined knowledge and expertise of audio class-D amplifiers and magnetic components, they now offers audio transformers such as:

    • THD <2% @ max power & full bandwidth
    • Frequency range of +/- 1 dB from 30 Hz to 15 kHz
    • Insertion loss <0.5 dB

Order With IBS Electronics

ETAL customers come from a variety of different industries, and IBS Electronics can help find the right solution for you. Telecom clients are typically large industrial companies who use ETAL components in infrastructure, such as base stations and core network applications. Industrial applications include manufacturers of handheld tools, to large-scale automated power distribution networks. For the defense and aerospace industry, ETAL is considered a highly reliable product. ETAL magnetic components may weigh anywhere from a few grams to 100 kilograms, making them a versatile and flexible choice.


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