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Part of KAMIC Group

Established in 1968, ETAL Group stands as a premier provider of high-performance magnetic components, specializing in transformers and inductors. With operations spanning Sweden, the UK, Sri Lanka, Estonia, China, and Malaysia, ETAL Group serves clients globally through distribution partners in over 20 countries. Production occurs at ETAL's facilities in Sri Lanka and Estonia, as well as through strategic partnerships in Asia.

ETAL Group's core mission is to develop, manufacture, and distribute magnetic components worldwide while ensuring a high level of service and commitment. Through close collaboration with customers, ETAL operates as an innovative supplier throughout the component life cycle.

As part of the Magnetics business area within KAMIC Group, a Swedish conglomerate specializing in technology-based businesses, ETAL Group benefits from a strong foundation for growth and development. With a presence in approximately 15 countries across Europe, Asia, and North America, KAMIC Group provides a supportive environment for ETAL's ongoing success and expansion.


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