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Xicor, Inc. – Active Components

Xicor, Inc. was acquired by Intersil Corporation in 2004. Xicor is a leader in digital potentiometers and system management products that complement Intersil’s current standard analog portfolio. Xicor also has a rapidly expanding portfolio of real time clocks, voltage references, power sequencing and display products that provide a natural extension to Intersil’s leadership position in the computing power management and flat panel display markets.


 – DSL Line Drivers 
 – High Speed Communications 
 – Laser Diode Control 
 – Voice Over IP 
Data Conversion
 – DACs/ADCs 
 – DCPs/DCCs 
 – DSP Function Specific 
 – Memory 
 – MicroP/C ICs 
Display Products 
Interface ICs
 – RS-232 
 – RS-485, RS-422
Optical Storage 
Power Management
 – Battery Management 
 – Hot Plug Controllers 
 – Linear Regulation 
 – Power MOSFET Drivers 
 – Power Supply Support 
 – Switching Regulation 
Special Analog 
Timing Circuits 
Voltage Reference 
 – Military ICs 
 – Radiation Hardened ICs