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BetaTherm is a leading provider of high precision NTC thermistors and temperature probe assemblies. BetaTherm’s NTC thermistors and probe assemblies are suitable for a wide range of temperature measurement, temperature control, and temperature compensation applications.

Sectors served include Biomedical, Aerospace, Instrumentation, Communications, Automotive and HVAC&R (Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning & Refrigeration). BetaTherm serves best in applications where end product functionality is dependent on thermistor quality, accuracy, reliability and fast-time response.

With over 20 years of experience in thermistor & temperature sensors, BetaTherm have built upon the inherent advantages of NTC thermistors and offer the following skills and capabilities to design engineers:

High accuracy temperature solutions – Typical Interchangeability: ±0.05°C
Miniaturized thermistors – Minimum OD: 0.35mm
Customization – Product offerings are available in a range of resistance values, curves and mechanical configurations.
Design flexibility – Rapid sampling and prototyping.
Competitive Pricing – Global manufacturing and supply.

BetaTHERM Sensors was acquired by Measurement Specialties in 2006.
BetaTHERM Sensors – Measurement Specialties Products
The types of products manufactured by BetaTHERM Sensors – Measurement Specialties include Leadless Chips, Leaded Thermisters, Probe Assemblies, Surface-Mounted Devices, High Reliability Space Components.

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