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Elpakco – Mechanical Components

ElpakcoElpakco Electronics manufactures PGA Sockets , Carrier Sockets, Pin Headers, Adapter Sockets, Zig Zag Sockets, Wire Wrap Sockets, Solder Terminals, Receptacle Pins, Teflon Terminals, DIP sockets, SIP sockets, Press fit Terminals, One Piece Pins, Capacitor Sockets, Custom Adapters and much more…

Elpakco Incorporated began in 1984 as a value-added distributor, specializing in loose pins, receptacles, and machine contact type sockets. Shortly after the company’s inception, it became apparent that the most effective way to develop and service customers was to sell directly under the Elpakco name. Elpakco transitioned into manufacturing and Elpakco produced its first catalog. With that change in direction, Elpakco developed into a niche manufacturer with an excellent reputation for producing a top quality product line with fast turn-around times.

As Elpakco’s product line and customer base developed, so did Elpakco’s ability to change with the times. As the market brought closure to many competitors’ specialty divisions, Elpakco capitalized on the downsizing trend to acquire the necessary machinery to fit Elpakco’s manufacturing needs. Specialty molds and equipment came from the biggest names in the industry; Cambion, EMC, Key Precision, Precision Metal Products, Wells Electronics, Bic and Augat’s Swiss Turning Machines, for example. Elpakco currently owns and operates over 150 Swiss turning machines with the necessary backup for processing parts from raw materials to finished connectors.

Products Offered
Adapter Sockets
Capacitor Pins
Carrier Sockets
Custom Adapters
DIP/SIP Sockets
One Piece Pins
PGA Sockets
Pin Headers
Press-fit Terminals
Receptacle Pins
Solder Terminals
Teflon Terminals
Wire Wrap Sockets
Zig Zag Sockets




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