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CviLux Connectors – Mechanical Components

Founded in 1990, CviLux is dedicated to manufacturing and selling connectors, FFC and wire harnesses. Their products are mainly targeted consumer electronics, computing, communications and electro-optical markets. CviLux’s headquarters are located in Tamsui, Taipei, and contain a high-precision automated production line. They have a total of four plants in Taiwan, Dongguan and Suzhou, regions in China, to deal with worldwide demand.

Their product scope extends from PCBA turnkey solutions and networking products, to the most advanced fiber optics, ICs, discrete components, connectors, FFC and cable assembled products. CviLux specializes in producing RoHS- and UL-marked PCBAs or completed sets of consumer electronics as well as IT and networking products such as Android OS media players, mini notebooks, USB 3.0 HDDs, card readers, ADSL modems, digital signage, digital photo frames, satellite receivers, LNB (Low Noise Block) converters, motor main control boards, LCD TV main boards, PC motherboards and scanner main boards.

Cvilux specializes in the manufacture of a broad range of connectors including I/O, FFC/FPC, wire to board, board to board and flat flexible cable. In addition it offers custom cable and fibre optic assemblies and wire harness assemblies. Cvilux products are designed mainly for use in consumer electronics, computing, communication and electro-optical applications.

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