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Thermax Wire and Cable is a leader in the design and manufacture of wire, cable and related products. Thermax is a manufacturer of high-performance wire and cable. They concentrate on using the most advanced technology to provide high-performance cable to the military and the aerospace industry. In the 1950’s, Thermax pioneered the use of high-temperature fluoropolymers in wire insulation and cable jacketing. They still use this technology today in the manufacture of their high-performance wire and cable solutions.

Thermax manufactures high-performance power and data cables, high-performance coaxial cables, aerospace wire and cable, and commercial wire and cable.

Thermax Product Lines:

    • Thermax Cable – High-Performance Power and Data Cables
    • Thermax Cable – High-Performance Coaxial Cables
    • Thermax Cable – Aerospace Wire and Cable
    • Thermax Cable – Commercial Wire and Cable
    • Thermax Cable – Pump & Irrigation Cable
    • Thermax Cable – Portable Cord & Electrical Products
    • Thermax Cable – Portable Power Distribution
    • Thermax Cable – Signal® Low-voltage Wire & Cable



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