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AMP / TYCO Connectors

AMP Connectors TYCO Connectors Distributors IBS Electronic Parts DistributorTyco International Ltd. completed the $12.22 billion purchase of AMP Inc. on April 6, 1999, adding the world’s biggest maker of electronic connectors to its array of industrial businesses. Tyco is much more than a connector supplier. Tyco acquisitions ranged across the value chain from components, including sensors, through sector-specific modules and PCBs to instrumentation. TE / TYco has more than 500,000 products that it sells into automotive, industrial equipment, data communication systems, aerospace, defense, oil and gas, consumer electronics, energy and subsea communications.

Tyco was founded in 1960 when Arthur J. Rosenburg, Ph.D., opened a research laboratory to do experimental work for the government.

Tyco Electronics is the world’s largest supplier of passive electronic components and a major producer of active components. 

The AMP brand encompasses the broadest range of connectors in the world, including high-density, high-speed designs for leading-edge communications equipment, and innovative micro miniature circular plastic connectors that are more cost effective than traditional metal-shell designs.


High Voltage Connectors

Tyco-wire-to-wire-connector all Tyco high voltage connectors: LGH Medical Application Connectors, LGH Micro-Miniature Connectors, LGH Multi-Pin Connectors, LGH SIngle-Pin Connectors, and Hybrid & Electric Mobility Solutions.


Tyco-Time-Delay-Relay Tyco relays including: Agastat, Axicom, CII, Hartman,Kilovac, Midtex, Potter & Brumfield & Schrack. 


Tyco-Dip-Switches Tyco DIP & SIP switches including Alcoswitch and TE Connectivity.

Circuit Breakers

Tyco-Circuit-Breaker Tyco magnetic, thermal, and VESA Vacuum circuit breakers including Potter & Brumfield and Schrack.

Terminal Blocks

Tyco-Terminal-Block battery stud, card edge, europa, eurostyle, NEMA, and screwless terminal blocks by Buchanan.


Tyco RF & Coax Connectors

Available in a range of interface sizes and mating options, Tyco's rf connectors and coax connectors provide the right solution for your application. Tyco's crimp, solder, and clamp terminations offer ease in cable termination and impedance-matched designs help minimize RF signal losses. The microminiature interfaces support frequencies to Ka bands and above, while providing density for today's packaging needs. Tyco's MIL-standard products are qualified to M39012, M55339, and M83517.

RF Coax Connector Products

  • The RF Coax Connector Products is useful in:
    • 7-16 Series- Handle high power levels with low loss, low IMD
    • 7mm Precision- Used for test and laboratory instrumentation
    • Between Series Adapters (BSA's)- Mating of two different RF interfaces while maintaining good electrical performancePower Supplies
    • Blind Mate - space saving designs for multiple mate applications
    • BNC- Bayonet style coupling mechanism



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